Mobilize your recruitment effort!

  • Deliver a simpler, more intuitive enrollment experience to your prospects
  • Cut down on print cost
  • Integrate with your website and CRM

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Reduce the noise and widen your recruitment funnel

Cast a wider net by giving your prospective students a rich, focused experience and get the clutter and noise of your website out of the way. Integrate Caramel with your CRM and capture more leads earlier than ever before possible.

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Embrace mobile and reduce your print cost

Higher Ed typically inundates potential students with direct mail, catalogs, viewbooks, brochures, email blasts, etc. Isn't it time you went mobile? Caramel gives you a new way to engage your prospects and truly get to know what they want, need, and feel - on their terms and reduce cost.

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Measure effectiveness and engagement

It's not enough to measure page views, bounce rate, and referrals. Using metrics to your advantage means extracting organic data points that tell you about your "content engagement" and "content effectiveness." Caramel gives you a new way to measure how good you really are.

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